Na koniec dnia drugiego – koncert w Elefunku!The Ploy to perform at the Westival


Panel Wykładowy zakończony. Zapraszamy zatem na koncert The Ploy – o 21.00 w Elefunku. Przed  22.00 wchodzimy za darmo! Do zobaczenia!

The Ploy is a young band set up in September, 2009 in Poznań by three musicians: Iwo Borkowicz (vocals, keyboard, bass guitar), Stefan Czerwiński (guitar, keyboard) and Andrzej Zujewicz (drums, trumpet, keyboard). The Ploy are not afraid of bold experiments, as suggested by the non-standard distribution of roles within the band. Although it is a band of three, during their shows, The Ploy will use a vast range of instruments to create their unique, characteristic sound verging on alternative rock, pop and electronics.

The Ploy have been performing all over Poland. in 2010, the musicians released a self-recorded album entitled “the ploy”, which can be downloaded at: The Ploy are the finalists of the Jarocin Rytmy Młodych competition, after which they performed at the Gdańsk Juwenalia event, with a live show in the Polish Radio Four studio, and, finally, at the small stage of the 2011 Jarocin Festival.

The band supported such artists as Fisz/Emade, Muchy, Myslovitz, T.Love. On September 9, 2011, The Ploy warmed up the crowd before the main act performed by Monika Brodka as part of the cycle of concerts organized by Red Bull atop a bus roof. The band also performed at the Red Bull Tourbus Before Party at Heineken Open’er Festival 2012 campsite and during Euro 2012 in the Poznań Fan Zone, as part of Poznań Alternative Energy with Gaba Kulka and Die Antwoord.